Remembering the battle of Åsle

I’ve been at this living history thingy for 20 years, more or less. Since the beginning I’ve been interested in the latter part of the 14thC and the number one bad guy king, Albrecht von Mecklenburg. Swedish television even made a children’s show about the middle ages, and of course the baddest of the bad was ”The Mecklenburger” (not an appallingly bad German slab of meat between two halves of white bread, but someone from the Mecklenburg area at the German Baltic coast). In spite of this, I have never visited Falköping or Åsle, where he fought his last battle, before being captured and dethroned. As you can read in my last post, however, I recently had the opportunity to go there.

Me and the guys went up to Mösseberg. Legend has it, that the battle of Åsle was fought between the two hills Mösseberg and Ålleberg (which makes sense, as Åsle is situated between the two hills).

I don’t know what happened with this pic. It looks like there is some kind of filter on it. Anyway – it looks nice and shows the view from Mösseberg towards Ålleberg (right). Falköping is in the foreground, and as far as I can understand, Åsle is parallell to Ålleberg, by the cluster of trees on the far left in the picture. Somewhere here, the German Mecklenburg dynasty met its abrupt end.

Today it is 633 years since that fateful day. How I feel about it? Not much, I guess. I feel more about what’s happening in Ukraine, which indeed serves to remind us that we need to remember history. Some days ago, it struck me that many (perhaps most) of the Russian soldiers taking part in the invasion weren’t even born when the Soviet union was disbanded. They probably know nothing of the Berlin wall, the Cold war, the oppression and the general state of fear the world was in, not much longer than 30 years ago. I wonder if it would be different if they knew – if they’d remembered history.

When I started writing I had some idea about posting a lot of nice winter pics with my friends in snowball fights, but right now it feels inept and even a bit ridiculous to do so. I’ll just post one pic, which I snapped of one of my friends, as she was gazing out from Mösseberg. There is a little bit of loneliness and sadness in that photo and I’d like to say it fits my mood just now.


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