Do I bore you?

Well, I’m sorry, but I can’t help it. The English version of the book me and Maria wrote, is now available.

It’s yours for 32 EUR, shipping (and PayPal fees) included! If you reside outside the EU, please ask for shipping costs.

Historical Clothing From the Inside Out – Women’s Clothing in Northern Europe 1360-1415, is a book for you who want to get a grip on the period’s clothes, materials, and cuts in Northern Europe. In this book, all parts of the woman’s dress are presented, from the smock closest to the body to the head-dress and overcoat. This deals not only with cuts on the most common garments, but also material selection, the colors of the time and accessories.

The book contains modern illustrations, paintings from the time and photos of reconstructions and finds. In short, it is the indispensable helper for you who want to start creating your own wardrobe for the time period 1360-1415. The book can also be used for educational purposes. Make me happy; buy it here!

Now, with that said, I promise not to spam you anymore (at least not with this book). However, I will try to post something every (or every other?) week from now on.

Hang in and hang tight!




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