Hi guys. These last days I’ve been working on a small, illustrated text to raise the knowledge of medieval haberdashery among my fellow company members. The hardest part was finding pictures of thread reels. I’ve spent way too much time googling ”reel”, ”bobbin”, ”trådrulle”, ”Garnspule” and other terms in Swedish, German and English. The only thing I came across was the reels from Mary Rose (way too late) and the one from London (you know which one I mean – way too early).

I had a chat about it with Maria and she sniggered at me, as she said she had never seen anything except for the above examples, and certainly nothing from Scandinavia. I was ready to give up, but I kept on going anyway. Then I tried another search term. It’s not something I really thought would work, as it’s not a term I associate with sewing (rather with weaving). And there they were. A whole heap of reels. Swedish. All made from bone, except for a bronze one. Only trouble is, they were excavated from abbeys/monasteries, which in Sweden often mean they could be dated from circa 1150 (founding) to circa 1530 (reformation). Never the less. For a Scandinavian such as my self, I feel better using a source from my own region than from somewhere else. I’m kind of happy about this. It’s always a good feeling to succeed when searching for stuff!

My dear friend Johan has already made some prototypes, which can be ordered from the Etsy he is running with his daughter. He is a decent woodturner, by the way, and he has provided some of the guys in the company with quality replicas of medieval bowls and the like – to a fair price. I’m sure he’ll accept your special order as well. Give him a shout to buy your new reels, turned vessel and other nice stuff (including his daughter’s crocheted cuties 🙂 ). I can’t wait to get some variation from the London reels!


En reaktion på ”Reely?


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