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Even though Maria moved on to another blog, we still have pretty much to do with each other – not least because we are good friends. Some years ago the guys at Handelsgillet – or more precisely Chronocopia Publishing (in dire need of updating their web page) – contacted us and asked us to write a 14th century version of the books Historical Clothing from the Inside out. Let me tell you – it has been a long and messy process, but as I’m writing this, the first part of our version is sent to the presses. A Handbook for Women’s Clothing 1360-1415 (Swedish version; an English version will follow) will be printed and finished in about a month and then I will officially be a published writer, which is pretty neat. As soon as possible, we will also publish a handbook for men’s clothing, and as a lot of the work is already done it will probably be finished reasonably soon.

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These books are aimed at beginners. If you are new to the 14th century or reenactment in general, they are the books for you. Maybe you would like to go to the Medieval Week in Visby or maybe even want to attend Battle of Wisby 2022. Look no further. The books contain loads of info on how to create period correct garments from head to knees (admittedly, we don’t write anything about shoemaking, even though we have a passage about shoes in the books). A difference between our books and many other books is that we are trying to explain not only the how’s but also the why’s, as well as putting the dress into the social context in which it was worn.

To paraphrase the publisher’s own description of these books:

Historical Clothing From the Inside Out is a series of richly illustrated handbooks.
The series present a detailed view of clothes from different historical eras – from the early bronze age to our modern history. In each book we will make an in-depth presentation on the clothes worn, from underwear to accessories and outer clothing.
These books cover the fashion of the period 1360-1415 and present men’s and women’s clothes, from the braies and smocks worn next to the skin, to the cloak, surcote and head-dress. The handbooks include a wealth of modern illustrations, period artwork and photos of reconstructions and finds. The books will also give an understanding on the fashion of the time and that influenced the general idiom and profile on what one was wearing. The handbooks include a wealth of modern illustrations, period artwork and photos of reconstructions and finds. In short, they are a must-have for anyone looking to create their own 14th century wardrobe.

I am quite happy about the way it turned out!


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  1. Hej. Jag är intresserad av att inhandla din bok och undrar var man kan beställa den. Hälsar Eva Svegelius

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