Six long years…

Some days ago, WordPress let us know that it was six years since we started In deme Jare Cristi. Me and Maria agreed on writing a kind of celebratory post together, and as I happen to have time on my hands today, I guess I’ll be the first blogger out.

As I recall it, In deme Jare Cristi came to be after I posted something on my previous blog, Med brinnande lunta…, and she said she also wanted a blog. I suggested we’d do something together and so we did.

At the time I experienced some personal set backs, which drained a lot of energy and left me with little enthusiasm for reenactment and blogging, which meant that I seldom posted anything; I actually didn’t post anything for more than a year.

During that time, however, Maria was really getting warmed up. She was writing a lot of good posts, which lured more and more people to the blog. As of now, we have about 40 followers and thousands of readers (almost 50 000 visitors), and I would say that this is Maria’s doing. Without her informative textile posts, we would never had got this far, and she is the real star of the blog; her profile’s got nearly 19 000 views (in comparison, my profile has 2 000 something)!

Among all the gems she have contributed with, these seems to be the top five.

  1. A washing guide for linen
    13 013 views in total. This is our battleship and our pride. This excellent post has been at the very top every year since it was written in April, 2013, and it still is. It seems people are very interested in washing 🙂 If you haven’t read it yet, you can read it here. That goes even if you already have.
  2. The metal button issue
    4 326 views in total. Those pesky metal buttons are so nice, but they aren’t always easy to attach to your sleeve. Read all about how it’s done in Maria’s second most popular post.
  3. A quick tutorial on hose making
    4 260 views in total. No wonder that this post on hose making is popular; hose making isn’t easily done. Soak up Maria’s wisdom in this great post. You can also see her thighs 😉
  4. Indigo – Växtfärgning, del 2/Plant dyeing, part 2
    2 472 views in total. One of Maria’s greatest strengths is dyeing. She knows a lot about it, and that shows in these two posts. If you need to know stuff about plant dyeing, these two posts are your best bet.
  5. Växtfärgning, del 1/Plant dyeing, part 1
    2 149 views in total.

There. That’s about it for me. I would like to thank you all for reading – it is what keeps me blogging. Now I would like to take a step back and let my excellent co-author Maria take the wheel. I’m curious about how she has experienced these six years.


Thank you Peter for your kind words. 🙂 I will try to summarize things, but my skills in following up statistics is poor and I don’t now how to match Peter’s words.
As Peter said he had been blogging for a while when I stepped into his living room and said I was jealous of him and his blogging skills. He came up with the co-blogging idea, that gave me a chance to sneak ride on his, already built up, fame and knowledge. He guided me how to fight WordPress and taught me a lot about how things works on the Interwebz. The reason why my blog posts gets a lot of views is, I think, because I fill them with step-to-step manuals. People come back to them many times, because you can’t bloody memorize an indigo vat. Peter’s blog posts on the other hand are the most commented. And even though he does not write as often as I do, when he do his posts are well documented and I know that he puts hundreds of hours into his research.

Peter likes to search for answers about customs and habits of the medieval person. Like sleeping for an example. Here are two very well documented post that I really think you should read.
Sleeping medieval – Monks, nuns and monastic knights and Sleeping medieval – Soldiers, knights and travellers

Peter have written some posts about the reenactment and living history hobby or RAL as he calls it (great name by the way, must use it more often) and those post are much appreciated. Here is one of my favorites. Do you do living history? Sometimes he can be quite harsh, but I admit that sometimes I can be a spoiled brat that need someone to tell me how to behave, pull up my pants and stop whining. Thank you for reminding me.

He can also be very philosophical and talk about Why we do it (the RAL) and how we can take it to the next level, both for us and the for the audience. Check out the series of blog post (9) starting with Ett steg längre/One step further #1.

Thank you for putting up with my misspelling and snap shot pictures (how many dye pots can a blog take?) and thank you for coming back to us, even though we are sometimes very irregular bloggers.  





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