Do you wash your helmet? 

Fighters tend to sew their padding to the helmet. So does the one I’m living with. This is him in his helmet.  5th from the right. Picture from Azincourt 2015 at the 600years anniversary.

The padding tend to get kind of sweaty when being worn. I  strongly recommend to take it out and wash it every now and then. Why? Sweat contains salt, salt breaks down textile fibres. So does metal and grease, like a chain mail. That means- something sweaty and unwashed will break faster then something clean. And the pictures below will show you how dirty a helmet padding get during 1(!) season. Since this padding is seewn by hand in a handwoven linen fabric that is over 100years old, I’m really not keen on making a new one every other year. And to be honest, I can’t get that fabric again.

Removing the padding. No! It’s rust not blood. 😉

Washing in a baby bathtub.  Normal detergent. This is the second rinsing water. As you can see quite dirty.

Here you can see how clean it became. The difference is quite visible. Now it even smells nice, I wouldn’t have put it on my head otherwise.. As you can see the grease is gone.


Happy washing!





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