A striped hunting hood

I sometimes gets a bit warp over when weaving. I wove this white tabby weave last year as a gift for my husband.  It’s the lining in his uniform jacket. Husband in the middle. 

 The fabric looked like this before it was dyed yellow. 

  I wove it with handspun and machine spun yarn, mixed to get the same uneven feeling as the original. After I was done with the meters for him I had some meters left to play around with. I wove some meters of white 2/2 twill that I later dyed with madder.  It’s the red fabric on the picture below. 

But then my friend Johan sent me a picture of some fancy Italian men out on their way to hunt. I fell in love with the striped hood on the man in the middle of the picture.     I decided to weave the fabric and hoping that the last 100cm of the warp was going to be enough. 

 I needed to dye some fabric for the lining so I dyed with some more madder. Color came out smashing. But with hand on heart, it’s a bit too red. But I can live with that.  

 Now We just have to wait for my husband to finish it to see it on. Can’t wait! 



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