Caring for wool textiles

The season is almost over. Some of my wool clothes is really getting dry and is not as protective against rain any more. It’s time to cure them with lanolin.

I buy lanolin in the same store as people buy washable dypers. The one I use is called Sonnett and can be ordered online.

 I fill up the sink with lukewarm water and put in approximately 2 tablespoons.

 I stir the water until it has dissolved. And after that I put in my garb. I leave it for 30-60minutes and just let it dry afterwards. I don’t rinse it.

I do this on my clothes every or every other year. It depends on how much they that been exposed to rain and sun.

Do I wash my clothes? Yes. Why? Sometimes on event I’m in the kitchen. And chicken grease and mashed fish is not something one can air out. The once that are not messy with food stains I just air out. Like these once.

2 reaktioner på ”Caring for wool textiles

  1. Wow! I am so happy I landed on your blog! I never knew about curing wool fabric with lanolin… Makes a lot of sense! I will try that some day. I presume it works best on woven fabric, but is it worth doing it on knitted wool garments as well?

    • Thank you and welcome to this blog 🙂
      Yes, knitted wool garments is also working the same way as woven once.
      Happy curing!


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