A pink hood 

Remember this one? The little left over piece of pink and white was only 45-50 cm and I promised to make a small hood for my daughter. She keeps on steeling my black favorite one so I wanted to make her one for herself to be able to have my hood for myself.

The fabric was lovely but it frayed like mad – 4 shaft twill usually does this when not fulled. As you can see the fabric didn’t leave me with any leftovers.

I sewed it with linen tread, 35/2. The fabric was too bulky to double fold so I really had to use filling tread to prevent it from fraying more, even after sewing.

The filling tread is some leftovers from some madder dye I made years ago. Too orange for my taste but my daughter liked it and she was the one deciding. I’m secretly happy that she choose a very historical dye. Madder seems to be the IT color during the medieval period. I hate the ugly stitches but they will move down further in the fabric after some use.


The inspiration for this hood came from:

Not really 😉 But it’s always good to have some Disney inspiration when making things for kids.

The real one:

Publius Terentius Afer, Comediae 1400-1407

And from this: MS Bodl. 264 fol 101v Romance of Alexander 1338-1343

I chose to make a short tail too, because my daughter informed me: a hood without a tail is boring.
I’m quite happy with it and to be honest, I didn’t want to give it away when it was done 😉



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