To weave a small test.

I will weave some fabric for my husbands uniform. It will be the lining if the uniform that he is going to wear at Waterloo 2015.
Here is the setup of the small weave.
I’ve used a plastic lid with treads rapped around it. The Pfiffikus help me to keep the right amount of treads per cm. The warp is 6/1 wool.


I tried with different thickness on the weft. First it’s Fårögarn 6/1 and Spelsau 4/1.


The original fabric is a little bit fluffy on one side so I brushed my piece to get the same surface. Using a nail brush.


Then I washed the piece in warm water. Using normal hand soap as detergent. Why? Because it was on the sink and I just grabbed the first thing I spotted. 😉


Above pictures is showing both sides.
How did it turn out compare to the original?
I need to get a yarn right in between of the two thicknesses I had. I might mix these two with some hand spun to get the right mix of thickness in the weft as the original have got.
Stay tuned, in a month or two I can show you the progress.


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