Testing the tabby/ extended tabby

A new weave is in the loom. Not really new it’s the same setup as the fabric that ended up as a bolster roll. But this time it’s gonna be a fabric for a friend. Keep your fingers crossed that the warp will hold.
To avoid breakage of the treads I’ve spun the yarn. Not all by myself. I’m not that skilled of a spinner yet, but I have run all the yarn, intended to be in the warp, trough my spinning wheel. That means the tread have got over spun and that will make it much stronger.
This is the first test.





10 reaktioner på ”Testing the tabby/ extended tabby

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  2. I’m trying. Years ago an elderly woman in a small Lithuanian village has shown me how to do that. But then I haven’t been into medieval reconstruction yet, so I wasn’t paying attention enough. Lately my boyfriend has built me a two shafts loom and we’ve warped it for the first time. But one of many problems was (and still is) finding a good yarn… The yarn that is availible here in Poland is OK for knitting, but I have problems using it on the loom. And I feel even less competent in spinning yarn myself than in weaving…


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