I challenge you!

I’ve started a challenge on Facebook. But why keep it only there? Let’s get blogging.

Rules of Manuskriptutmaningen / the Manuscript Challenge!

1. Choose one picture from a manuscript, or a fresco or something similar. The picture must be in color. Unpainted statues are off-limits due to the color requirement. Time frame: Iron Age – Middle Ages, 400-1500. The picture must be an original, a later interpretation/re-drawing does not count. State your image source. Choose carefully before you decide what image to use, since you will have less time to complete your project if you change your mind and pick another picture later on.

NOTE!! Since it is more or less impossible to find color depictions of viking age women, we have made one exception to the rules. This applies to women’s clothes only! You are allowed to use a non-color depiction of women from this period. BUT the image in question must be supported with thorough documentation on specific dyestuffs found in women’s clothing during the period. E. g. chemical dye analyses of textile finds from women’s graves in Birka, etc.
2. Publish your image and tell us which outfit (if the image contains several) you plan to make.

3. Create your outfit according to the wearer’s outfit, as shown in the picture. This means ALL of the outfit! You are not allowed to mix and match garments worn by different individuals appearing in the same picture.

4. Let us in on your progress! You might upload pictures of how you proceed, or notes on your thought process. Blog about it!

5. Ask for help, tips and advice if you feel the need and wish to do so. We’re all here for you, to support you if necessary, and to cheer you on if you get stuck.

6. It’s entirely up to you whether you wish to use plant-dyed, hand-woven fabric, or polyester. The idea is to recreate a visual copy of your chosen image. Your level of hard core technique and materials is up to you. You set your own goals here – we do not judge or look down on anyone due to their choice of project execution mode.

7. You have one year to finish.

Bonus – No rules, this section is optional!
8. How long does it take? It would be interesting to know how much time you spent working on your project.

9. What did it cost? Did you work from scrap fabric found in the trash, or did you splurge on the most expensive silk you could find? How do our budgets differ?

Good luck!
Maria Neijman


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  3. Oh, what a wonderful idea! Two questions: does it matter if we’ve already started a little on the project? And is there a Facebook page or somewhere where we could congregate, ask questions, get encouragement, etc.?

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  7. Awesome idea! It really makes you dig for research. I recreated the wedding dress from ”The Marriage of Arnolfini” a while back. It took me a year to research and gather all the materials and another year to complete the sewing. I did the whole outfit ”from the skin out” (undergarments, chemise, kirtle, over dress, veil, complete with jewelry) My husband made the pattens and a friend made a silk net for my hair. It was quite an experience for me (not to mention my pocketbook!)
    Mistress Martha Effingham of Stewart Kepe

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