The sack from Martebo

I will go out in the woods with some friends tomorrow. I need something to carry my and the kids clothes in. A sack over my shoulder is probably the easiest way to get around in the woods.
I have been searching for pictures of sacks and this is what I came up with.

This lady is from Martebo church on Gotland.

I decided to make one slightly longer.
I used a fabric 3 m long and 56 cm wide. I found a handwoven fabric at home, a fustian. A fustian is a fabric woven with linen warp and cotton weft. Mine is really strong and tightly woven. It’s old and produced around early 20th century. The cool about it is that a fabric that narrow can be sewn in the edges and that means minimal waste.
This is my sack



The fabric is folded so it meet on the middle. And there is where the opening is. The construction is very much the same as packing bags for horses. Cleaver, easy and quick to get the hold of things in the bag.

I will also make me one smaller. A bit more like the original Martebo lady has.
Fingers crossed it will work.

My friend Mia Jormelius took a picture of me in my outfit carrying my sack.
It was full of clothes, beer and a bag of wine. 😉 It was easy to carry and it didn’t hick my legs when walking. Thank your for the picture Mia!


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