Adorable spoons

My friend Daniel is a really great guy that always tend to have small 14th century replicas in his pockets. I met him last weekend. When I was asking for a carved marmalade knife in wood for my children, he showed me a box filled of medieval replicas, most of them spoons. I found two 14th century spoons that I really liked so I bought them.
Aren’t they pretty?


Wanna get one? Give me a shout and I will get you hooked up with Daniel.


5 reaktioner på ”Adorable spoons

  1. they’re lovely

    if you’re ever at an event in the uk watch out for a lovely young man called william, a woodacrver who has a secret basket full of authentically carved dildoes – he only shows them to ladies in costume, theyre known as will’s willies (he does nice spoons too)


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