The Christmas jug

I fell in love with a jug from the London excavations. The jug is 14th century and in the shape of a lovely man with tiny arms. I pinned the photo from Museum of London’s webpage to my board on Pinterest. Pinterest makes it really easy to come across finds and a lot of small museums and other hidden treasures. It’s free, and all you have to do is sign up. There are millions of pictures out there. 😉

My friend Nisse tagged me in a picture on Facebook at Krohn’s pottery. They make this jug and I decided to buyit. I’ve never seen anyone who has this one, and I was all exited about it.

This is the original


And my jug

The only difference is that my jug has got less of a waist, and it is more yellow in color. But I don’t mind. My jug does not contain lead, so it will naturally be another color, and it will NOT be dangerous to drink wine from either, unlike the original..  My jug contains 1,6l and I really must say that 850 sek (approx. 90 euro) is a very reasonable price for a piece this size. Just love it!

I might have to start making pottery again.  Or I might just leave it to the people who know how to do it properly..
/ Maria


7 reaktioner på ”The Christmas jug

  1. They are common during the late 13th century and early 14th century (though anthropomorph pottery seems to be popular well into the 16th century), commonly made in King’s Lynn. Fragments have also been found in the Nordic countries. I absolutely love them! I have commissioned one of the more special ones… you’re gonna love it.


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