Life is like a box of chocolates

My friend Linnea helped me to lay hands on some awesome svepaskar. I have absolutely NO idea of the name in English so I really need your help here!!

Here they are.








The boxes are sometimes seen in medieval pictures. I had one already for my 14th century sewing kit. But it filled up quickly and I decided to get a larger one. Linnea knows this old man making them and she kind of emptied his warehouse when buying them for me… Oups 🙂

I’m really happy now when I can have one for sewing, one for weaving, one for my writing kit and so on. One can never have to many boxes. By the way, can a box be round??

3 reaktioner på ”Life is like a box of chocolates

  1. They are called birchwood boxes. Sometimes people call them ”Shaker boxes” because they were very popular with (and commonly made by) the religious group called the Shakers. However, the Shakers were formed in the 18th Century, so although that’s a good term for a modern box it’s a silly term for a medieval reproduction.

    (P.S. They are lovely! I particularly like how the lid slots on.)


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