Not quite right

My friend Magdalena has got a great job. She works at the largest open air museum in Scandinavia, Skansen, in Stockholm. The museum was founded by the man Arthur Hazelius during the late 19th century. He believed that old traditions and crafts needed to be preserved for the future and he decided to collect ”old things from the whole country” ending up with Skansen and Nordiska museet. Skansen is like a mini Sweden 1875. People working there are dressed in clothes from that time, many of them in folk costumes. Magdalena is working at ”Klädkammaren” (the wardrobe) making sure that people are dressed the right way. Klädkammaren does not only contain clothes from 19th century; you can find garments from all kinds of ventures, high and low.

My husband and I was there a couple of weeks ago. We looked in the piles of ”medieval clothes” they had. The clothes had been made for a play in the early 20th century. This is way before today’s reenactment and this is the how they choose to make a riveted maille.
It’s extremely heavy!

Close up

Yes, it’s rings sewn on to a fabric. Gives me perspective of how much the knowledge of history have increased during the last 100 years.

Don’t you just love it?



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