Back on track

Back in the loom again. Still filled with a ton of inspiration after a fab event, Battle of Wisby. It was just awesome to meet so many people and get so inspired. I’ve, kind of, decided to stop sew. Yes you heard me! I started on a new dress and it came out like shit. I don’t know how to sew, really. Or, well I do. But there is other people that sew better then me so I will trade with them.

My best trade is my weaving. Not many people have a loom at home and are able to produce the fabric they want. So, I will make a fabric and someone else will sew. As easy as that!

Before Christmas I warped a warp and have had it in a bag since then. It’s a short one, just 5 meters long. It will become a dress for my daughter.
Here are some pictures of the process, so far.


With a little help from a friend!








100% wool

3 reaktioner på ”Back on track

  1. it looks lovely! i honestly whish i had time (and peace of mind) to sew something for you in return for the fabric, but you do not want to see my to-do list! (bertus needs a ton of new fancy 15th century clothes for his jousting).

    • No worries!! I have people on a waiting list 😉
      My to do list is frekking long too. At least I don’t have to sew clothes for a horse…

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