Living on the edge

When holding classes in sewing I always try to teach edge weaving. It’s so lively when done properly. The only issue is that I’ve never done it myself. I know how to do it but I’ve never just … done it. 😦

That’s why I forced myself to do it. Not to make it easy for myself I started on a pale yellow hood with dark blue yarn so all my mistakes would show! No, not really, but that was the best yarn I had close by hand that day.


I’ve seen better but I’ve also seen worse. It’s OK and I think I can wear it in daylight. The mistake I made was not pulling the weft hard enough so the table weave was placed ”around” the edge instead of ”on the edge”.

I had to try to weave with a rigid heddle too. I did that in Minden having the warp stretched between my foot and my belt. Tricky to get the tension right but the weave is ”very authentic”. It’s just a small needle case. Nothing important.
Here is the ugly start:


Here is the end. Improvements shows.


In the Battle of Wisby camp there will be two classes in edging techniques. I will be part of those!



2 reaktioner på ”Living on the edge

  1. I wouldn’t be too upset about the tablet weaving. The ‘how to’ illustration from the Museum of London Textiles book shows the tablet weaving sitting ”on” the edge, but the ‘how to’ diagram in Woven into the Earth shows it sitting ”around” the edge, just like the one you’ve made here.


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