Hand sewing, part 5

5. It’s historical. Before 1860 people didn’t have machines to help them with hemming, buttonholes and fraying fabric. For that correct historical feeling, skip the noisy sewing machine, bring your sewing kit to the closest bench and sit down in the sun and make some stitches, the same way people have been since they invented the needle.

Like here. Madder red stitches on a hand woven fabric, the same amounts of treads per cm, as one of the dresses they found on Greenland. Close to history, in my own wardrobe.


”But it’s so slow”, you might say. Well… With planning time is the thing you have plenty of, right?! Stress is a very bad friend when making things. And you don’t need to make a new outfit for every new event. That’s just a quick way of spending to much money and letting the environment pay our bills. Make something new when the old is to broken that it can’t be fixed anymore.

”But I don’t like sewing by hand”. Neither did I in the beginning. Just give it time and focus. I don’t recommend anyone to start alone. Find a friend, your grandmama, a tailor- anyone that can teach you to hold a needle and teach you in what direction you shall sew. Practice is everything! Don’t sit for longer sessions then 2 h the first 6 months.

”But sewing by hand and then taking it up again when sewing wrong, no way” Actually,, hand sewing is so slow so you are able to think twice before making mistakes. Therefor they rarely happen.

Just do it!



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