The season starts

Next weekend will be the first, for this year, that we will be out living medieval camp life. When you have children, you need to make sure that their clothes fit and that shoes can still be worn with socks. Swedish weather in May is like a lottery. There may be summer days with + 20 degrees, or frost during the nights. I need to be prepared for everything!

Thomas, my husband, found his hose and discovered that they had a big hole that needed to be fixed. They had split where the fabric is under the most stress – the upper inside part, close to the groin. This is were his hose always break. Why? The leg piece of his armor ends there, and the steel edge tends to chafe the fabric. Even though he tried to avoid it the last time by tablet weaving the edges to get more wear out of them. Fabric vs metal 0-1.


A strong, handwoven linen fabric was selected to fill the hole.


Thomas did a classic ”up and down- stitch” all over the patch.


When he was done, I could barely see where the patch was placed.


I have been working on a new hood, a fur-lined wool hood with a lovely greenish/yellow twill-woven fabric on the outside. The hood will have buttons on the front so I can use it without having to remove my veil and wimple.

Here it is, under construction.


This time I wanted to sew with woolen thread instead of linen thread. And I have to say I really like it! But I must work on my technique, I tend to pull the thread too hard and break it..

This is the progress I’ve made with the hood so far.




As you can see, there is more work to do before I can use it. Better hurry!

If you want to meet up, come to Ekenäs medeltidsdagar 10- 12 of May.
Don’t be a stranger!


5 reaktioner på ”The season starts

  1. underbar hätta. vad är det för päls du har? den ser supermysig ut! Kommer du hinna klart till Ekenäs tror du? Vi ses där i alla fal! Kram Tove

    • Hej!
      Oh tack! Du hittade bloginlägget fastän det inte var korrat 😉
      Jag skriver på min telefon och då blir det väldigt knasigt ibland. OM stavningen är usel så ber jag om ursäkt.

      Hättan är fodrad med vad jag misstänker är Bisam. Nån form av bäver/utter i alla fall. Jag har hittat pälsen på en loppis till ett väldigt förmånligt pris, 50:- för ett innefoder till en kappa. Jag hoppades på att det var en mård men tror inte det.
      Jo hättan kommer med till Ekenäs så du får kika på den där. Även om den kanske inte är 100% klar..


    • Det var verkligen trevligt! Du sysslar ju med en teknik som jag ännu inte provat på. Ser fram emot lite krokning!

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