Back to the brick stitch

Two weeks ago I went on holiday with my family to Gran Canaria. It was my first time on charter, ever. I thought I’d bring something to do on the flight so I put down a piece of linen, a round frame, some silk and needles in my hand luggage. The scissor had to go in a different bag, so I cut some threads in advance. Where can I get one of those tread cutters that can come with you on board? I didn’t want to make a 100% reproduction, cause I’ve kind of tried that all ready. I wanted to make something inspired by extant examples, to see if I am able to ”understand” the pattern style for the late 14th century.

When starting I realised that I had forgotten pen and paper so I couldn’t draw the pattern I was planning to make. I just had to make it more simple then the original plan 😦
Anyway the 6 hours on the plane didn’t get me any time to make more then a thin line, cause my company was way to exited about the flying.

This is all I came up with:


This is my travelling kit:


When starting the way I did, free and with no paper pattern, I needed to start working from the middle and work my way out towards the edges. After a short while, I needed guidelines.


A concentrated Maria in the sun getting a tan at the same time as working.
My daughter took the photo.


Then my son became ill and I had to give embroidery up for some days. But I was back on it on the flight home.


I’m still thinking about not being so repetitive but I kind of like the boring pattern too.


Ps. Round frames suck!

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