I think I hate it…

The test weave became a proper weave, the fastest one ever. I put up a 4 meter long warp, 51 cm wide.
I had so little yarn of the same colour so I decided to make the warp striped in thin stripes. I had a light green dyed with something I can’t even remember. The yellow is dyed with onion skins. The brown is naturally brown. But the brown was a little bit thicker than the others so I misjudged how much I had. That meant I had to use some extra treads in reddish colour, madder, so the warp would be as long as I planned.

Here is a picture of the warp on the mill.


I wanted to get a thick and strong weave so I choose a tabby as a binding, just like the pieces at the museum.

Here is a picture on the weave in the loom.


As you can see I did use weft in different colours too. I had some old failed madder dyed yarn, nöthårsgarn, a mix of wool and cow hair yarn (I once made a rug out of it, really ugly!). The wool mix is a rough and hard yarn and it’s famous for it’s ability to keep out water and its ability to be itchy. I also had some old yarn in natural grey.

Here is another picture of the weave in the loom.


When weaving a weave with thick weft it is easy for the weft to ”crawl out” from the weave after the cutting down. I wanted to prevent that from happening so I tried a new trick. Sewing some stitches around the end edge before cutting the weave down.



Here it is outside, in the snow.



In daylight


When seeing it I feel seasick. I really need to dye it, it’s like a hungover and it makes me wanna close my eyes when I see it :-/


3 reaktioner på ”I think I hate it…

    • Hi! Well…. I don’t know. I kind of like the fact that not everything is neat and nice. I believe that a lot of things during 14th century weren’t consider ugly the way we do think about ugly today. The rules about mixing colours hysterically that we have today seems not to have existed. Manuscripts are just dazzling with colours and black seems to be banned. Quite the opposite from today.

      So, I think I’ll keep it. But I have another indigo dye coming up soon.



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