A little test weave

At my visit at Historiska museet I found some pieces that caught my eye. Thick tabby woven bits, containing probably a mix of wool and other animal fibres. The pieces are really thick and have few treads per centimeter in the warp and weft.

Here are some samples from different parts of Sweden. Söderköping, Kalmar and Klinthamn, Gotland.




These pieces are usually called ”packtextil” meaning textiles for packing (things). But what they were used for, we can’t really know when finding them in the ground after 630 years.

My plan is to go in a pilgrimage this spring and I really need something good to pack my sleeping things in. I can’t really enjoy linen around my things because its ability to suck up dampness will probably keep my sleeping gear a little bit damp *not so pleasant*.
Wool is a great material and mixed with, for example goat wool, it will repel water and dampness. My plan is to use some of my homeless wool. Wool with high twist, plant dyed and mixed fibres. Perfect I believe.

I made a small test weave. Here’s the result:


There is a life for ugly yarn too!




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