New year, new projects

The 28th of December I had the chance to visit the textile collection at Statens historiska museum. It was fab! I looked at plenty of small fragments from Nyköping, Uppsala, Stockholm and Söderköping. For me, as a weaver, it was like being in heaven to be able to see so many finds so closely. To see the thickness and the weaving structure. And I fell madly in love with a small piece from Söderköping. I know that checked fabric is not the most common during the 14th century so it was a blast to find a piece. Striped fabric was more common in the drawers at Historiska; actually it was quite common, although not as common as plain. However, I have no idea what the fabrics have been used for; they could have been used for blankets, cushions, clothing or something else, which means they aren’t solid evidence for striped clothes, for example. The majority of the fabrics were, of course, brown because they were found in the earth.

I’ve promised myself to make some bed textiles. I have, for some reason, way to much yarn in a little thicker quality and it’s very suitable for things like a bed throw. My plan is to make a big throw, sewn together from 3 pieces (60*220cm/piece) , the total measurements will be approx. 180*220cm.

The piece from Söderköping. The plastic is ugly, I know, but I didn’t want to take the fabric out from the plastic. Old fabric tend to be a bit brittle.
397 398 399

The picture top left: As you can see it’s 4 squares.
The picture above: Close up in the middle, on the right side is the dark warp and left side light warp. Top weft is light and weft down is dark.
The picture down: Selvedge.

The fabric is woven on three shafts, a twill. The warp is a thread twisted from two treads. I haven’t looked any closer on the spinning of the tread. The weft is, as far as I can see, also twisted from two treads, and a little bit thicker than the warp. The issue with making something like this is that is tricky to get yarn with the same hard twist as the original, but I’ve nevertheless decided that the yarn I have is good enough. If I was to make a small piece I would have spun some yarn, but 180x220cm is a little bit to large for that…

Isn’t it lovely?

/ Maria



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