A pretty embroidery

At Nordiska museet in Stockholm they got a textile room with drawers packed with textiles from 1521 until today. It’s a lovely room!
The last time I was there I did search for older things and this little darling showed up.
It’s a tied net in silk with filled squares in a thicker silk tread. I don’t know the proper name for this technique. Do you? In Swedish it is called ”pinnspets” when it’s made in the traditional style from the county of Gästrikland. It means ”stíck lace” cause it’s tied around a small stick. Once can also call it fillét lace.

The dating is a bit vague, 15th century, but I think that this piece is so interesting that it can’t be hidden in that drawer at Nordiska. The world needs to know!


The pictures are taken with my HTC and I’m sorry for the poor quality.


I think the fringe is so pretty. The colors are still so bright and strong. Amazing!



”Probably from a medieval bed curtain”
That’s all for now.

Happy new year to all of you!
Hugs, Maria.


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