It’s cutting time

I’ve made a list. A loooong list of things I need to fix, sew and buy. I really need a new underdress because I have lost the old one. Or I can’t find it at home. Time to clean up the mess right?

I have some wonderful handwoven linen that is a little bit thicker that I usually tend to use for my medieval underwear. My plan is to test if this fabric is going to last longer and become soft as silk after some use. The fabric is probably old and it is woven in Romania. I just love it and for a weaver like me it’s impressive to see that it’s so hard beaten that it’s suitable for cross stitches. Wow! Linen is a non forgiving material, which means that the person that wove it had mad weaving skills.


Beautiful selvedge!

The fabric must have been bleached. Have a look here



My plan on the construction. The fabric is to narrow with it’s 50 centimeters so I need some extra fabric in the sides, just like the examples from the Greenland finds.


As you can see it’s almost nothing that won’t be used in the dress. Just a tiny piece. I like it!

Well it’s just some sewing left now…

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