Elderberries again

I told you I dyed some of my sons woollen underwear. He goes to a outdoor kindergarten so he has got plenty of woollen clothes. I buy the clothes from the same place as I get the detergent from, www.ekotextil.se. Buying white is less expensive than coloured and then I just have to dye the clothes myself. Poor me!

I dyed with elderberries and I used mordant on just the pants not the top in the set. I’ve been washing them about 4 times now and I’ve just discovered that the colours are changing a lot. When my son peed his pants they went darker, as you can see at the stain in between the legs. I believe the ammonia has got something to do with it. The top have gone stained from food. Oranges seems to be hard on the dye. I think it’s quite funny that the top is more green now than it was when it was first dyed. Here you can see them.

Wool is the only material that keeps you warm even when it’s wet. It can also contain up to 30% of water without even feeling wet. It’s my favourite fibre all times!





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