It’s down/Äntligen nere

Today I did the last few centimeters on the weave and I could cut it down.
It’s always a special feeling when placing the scissor on the warp and letting the fabric loose from the loom. Transferring 666 (hell yeah!) threads of worsted yarn to approx 9 meters fabric. The weave and I became really good friends after a while and it’s very much like finishing a good book. You’ll like to read the end but you also know that you are going to be alone and miss the company. I also learned that if you make a mistake you can always tie in some extra threads instead of doing the hole set up process from the beginning again. And I will never again warp with five threads in my hand, unless the warp is of cotton. The wool thread turned around each other and glued to one another; awful work that I could have done great without. My solution was stealing spray balm from my daughter… Sorry Allis! I’ll make her a hood as compensation.

Here’s some pictures:


I did the last bit white but that weft was so thick that I needed to have a stripe of thin green to stop it from coming out after being cut loose.


The moment of truth…

Backside an frontside of the green bit.
1,5 meters.

2,5 meters striped

Red carpet?

70 centimeters of white


5 meters of yellow.


A close up on the green. Here you can see the liveness in the fabric.

Once again I’m sorry for my kind of boring blogpost ”almost
no text mostly pics”. I’m still using my phone that’s why my spelling is crappy too.

That’s all for now. Next step washing. After that it’s no longer my headache 🙂

3 reaktioner på ”It’s down/Äntligen nere

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    • Tack!
      Här hemma går det inte att ha tyget framme utan att dessa skall gossas med eller springas på ( utöver mig!). En egenskap jag gillar.


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