Tusentals ägg/Thousands of eggs

Jag hittade just en blogg som jag inte sett förut. Jag gillar den. Mycket.
I just came across a blog. I like it. A lot.



8 reaktioner på ”Tusentals ägg/Thousands of eggs

    • I’ve been thinking since yesterday, and I believe I will have a go at Ein Buch von guter Speise. I don’t know when, but I feel that my motivation tend to go further from fighting (where I began my medievalism) towards cooking and the like. In other words – as soon as I can muster some passion, I will give it a go!

  1. I just found regulations from Deventer from 1417 for the cakebakers. It is not entirely clear what the recipe should be (take a barrel of honey, add 4 pounds of pepper and 3 quarts of water, use only good rye), but perhaps enough to experiment. Sadly, cooking is not my passion, so I will have to nudge someone else. :p

  2. Yes, we do indeed need more cooking! One day I might convince my other half to actually make the mini-event ”Hunters feast”… He would like to cook a medieval feast from the game meat he has aquired himself and also use mushrooms picked in our forrest and other ingredients from our garden… I will not stop him if he ever sets his plans in motion… 😉


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