When we were finished in Lübeck, we went to Hamburg. When we arrived we looked up our hostel, and then we were off to meet Thorsten Stoye – bagpipe maker extraordinary. That’s where I collected the King of Noise. We had tea and talked about bagpipes for a while, and then we went back to Hamburg to meet our dear friends of Elvelüut Hamborch. They booked a table at the Gröninger Privatbrauerei and I can dearly recommend food, drink, company and service. We ate about five kilos of meat, had a good few beers and nearly fell asleep.

Next day it was time for one of our main goals – the

Hamburger Kunsthalle
Rating: 5/5

At the Hamburger Kunsthalle you can see two magnificent altarpieces by Meister Bertram van Minden, who died about 1415 or so. He was a master of his trade and very well known; his will has even survived to our days. He worked at different places in middle- and northern Germany. His style is to a great extent naturalistic and he spares few details. His works are a goldmine for any late 14th century reenactor. There were also some other interesting pieces but I was tremendously impressed by Meister Bertram’s sculptures and painting. We had no problems taking photos there, even with a tripod.

Next stop was
Hamburg Museum
Rating: 2/5

This museum is a good one in general, but the medieval section is way too small and poorly organized. Almost no datings exist, which means that you can never be certain if a certain artefact is interesting for you. I was a bit impressed by pretty cool weapons, and I liked the fact that we got to take photos – although without tripod – but otherwise I was disappointed.



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