Crazy slow

Hey hey.

Long time. This whole business with the divorce is grinding me down, and I do not often find the motivation to write. But I am still here, don’t you worry. This spring I will start to post more frequent as I am feeling better and as various crafting projects start to come to an end. However, as soon as I can get hold of a camera (the-soon-to-be-ex-wife seems to have claimed our camera for herself) I will be posting proud pics of my first upgraded gauntlet.

I have had the gauntlets for three or four years, but they were mounted on a pair of makeshift workers gloves, and hence fitted kind of badly. I had very limited movability and they were sometimes seriously uncomfortable. Now, after tremendous effort, I have finally stitched the first tailored glove to fit one of my gauntlets. I am satisfied, more or less. It is my first glove, and it is a git to stitch gloves I’ll tell you! But I’ll tell you more as soon as I get pictures uploaded to the blog. Stay safe in the meantime!

En reaktion på ”Crazy slow

  1. peter, i whish both you and elizabeth the needed strenght and courage in these difficult times, and also little isolde. my parents divorced when i was only a little older than her.


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