My cold weather coat

I have made a coat for cold watches during summer nights, or frosty autumn marches. The coat is based on two of the Herjolfsnes finds – the no. 45 and the no. 63, plus numerous representations of clothing with paired buttons. It is made from coarse, thick woolen cloth and lined with softer woolen cloth.

The garment is really based on the Herjolfsnes 45, above left of this text. I borrowed the pic (and the pic representing the Herjolfsnes 63) from this page:

It really is a tremendous page. If you haven’t visited it, now is your chance. And if the owner of the page gets mad at me for using these pics, I would be happy if he told me, so that I can remove them.

Now. Back to the no. 45. The construction, including the pocket slits, is more or less exactly like the no. 45. I chose to make long arms, though. I made the fake gores (seams sewn in the middle of other gores to make the impression that there is actually more gores than there really is), but I can’t say that it made much difference, as it is barely visible. Never the less.

From the no. 63 (to the left) I borrowed the collar. I have never made a garment with a collar, so I thought it might make a nice change. However it became a bit too small – it nearly chokes me when I have it buttoned. Hopefully it will give way in time.

That is really the main problem – the coat is a bit too small. Because I was going to have a lot of gores and seams, I used 25 centimetres of seam allowance, because I wanted the coat to be roomy. When it was finished, I could barely button it though. But I hope that it will stretch as I use it, plus I could lose some weight 🙂

Below are some pics of me in my spanking new coat and shoes. The hood isn’t that new, although I made it last year.

Here is a closeup at one of the pocket slits. They are quite handy when you want your purse, or if you would like to grab your dagger quickly for some reason 🙂

Closeup of the choke-collar. Note the colour of my face – it is starting to turn a bit blueish.

Close up of paired buttons upon a belly that grows fatter by each day in the office… Luckily, I’ve started excercising.

And lastly – here is me, with my shiny shoes, my hood, my spanking new coat and a spear, to ward of the wolves in the Kivik forests.


6 reaktioner på ”My cold weather coat

  1. That looks relly great Peter! I´m making the nr. 63 for Mikkel. I have a pattern from the Nationalmuseum in Copenhagen and so fare there are no problems for Mikkel to fit it. I really like to paired buttons and the flat form that they have. And lovley shoes!

  2. Now that’s what I call a winter-coat fit for the task. Nothing quite compares to genuine, hefty vadmal when it really comes down to it. Been thinking of making a Herjolfsnes 63 myself, but it will have to wait as I’m currently tied up in the never-ending process of sewing a Herjolfsnes 41


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