A new year

I hope you all had good holidays. I was out travelling through Sweden to meet the family and the friends. It seemed easy enough, but it eventually turned out to be a two week long odyssey, with little time for rest.

First of all, I would like to write a short notice on the upcoming Burns’ Night. It seems sheep entrails are considered non-edible by the Swedish ministry of health – and that means that you can only get them through more or less unofficial channels, like your friends, and not through butcher’s shops. This means that I probably can’t get the ingredients for my haggis :-(, and THAT means you won’t get to read yucky details on my second attempt 🙂

Fear not. Soon I will present a heap of new stuff – upcoming kettle hat, made by Ralph Snel, a bagpipe, made by Thorsten Stoye, pics of my ”new” shoes and my new coat, plus pics of an upcoming gorget made by Simon Lundqvist.

I will also report on the making of new greaves, and of me not going on the Albrechts Bössor winter march.

Stay tuned!



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